Youth development program

Adolescents Consulting Prevention and Promotion

Period: July 2023 – December 2023

Partners: Tamo Junto and Base Colaborativa


Adolescents are a primary focus for the Cactus Institute. Data from the “Pathways in Mental Health” survey, jointly published by the Cactus Institute and Instituto Veredas, reveal that 50% of mental health issues are present by the age of 14. By the age of 24, this number grows to an estimated 75%, underscoring the significance of this demographic as a critical audience for efforts to prevent illness and promote mental health.

Our goal extends beyond merely alleviating the psychological distress experienced by young people. We seek to foster their overall well-being and empower the next generation of adults to achieve their full developmental potential, encompassing areas beyond health. To further this mission, we endorse the “Tamo Junto” project. This initiative seeks to promote mental health by bolstering the psychological resilience of young people facing socio-economic vulnerability, enabling them to feel comfortable and secure in expressing themselves and facilitating effective communication.

Part of Base Colaborativa‘s portfolio, the project offers a developmental program for young people based on the principles of Theory U, Nonviolent Communication, and Positive Psychology.

Our partnership with Tamo Junto is carried out on two fronts. First, we are providing funding for 10 classes in São Paulo and Curitiba, benefiting over 150 young participants in the second half of 2023. Second, we are enhancing the project’s institutional maturity by enlisting a consulting firm to devise practical tools for process-mapping, result assessment, and ongoing monitoring. This strategic approach ensures the project’s sustainability and scalability.

This partnership represents our commitment to institutionalize an intervention intended to promote mental health among young people and adolescents, fostering their developmental progress.

Expected results:

  • 10 classes and more than 150 young people in situations of socio-economic vulnerability have been reached through Tamo Junto’s development program.
  • Evidence indicates that actions to prevent illness and promote mental health have positive effects on the most diverse areas of children’s and adolescents’ lives.
  • Support in the form of consulting for Tamo Junto, for institutional strengthening and the sustainability and reach of the project.

Potential lessons for the ecosystem

  • Identification and systematization of best practices for mental health interventions aimed at socially vulnerable young people.
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