Mental health is everyone’s business

Comunication Mental Health Prevention and Promotion

Release: September 2022

Partner: Coletivo Bodoque


Promoting a holistic view of mental health and realizing what is happening inside us and the role of structures in this context are collective tasks that concern every aspect of life. 

That’s why, in September 2022, we released the video Mental Health is Everyone’s Business to raise awareness for the cause of mental health and show how it can contribute to the development of a healthier society.

The animated video, produced in collaboration with the Bodoque Collective, illustrates the presence of mental health in all aspects of our lives, emphasizing the role of each individual in transforming this scenario. The video takes an unprecedented approach, with original illustrations and soundtrack presenting a more humanized view of the issue.


  • We mobilized and called more people to the cause of mental health.
  • 19,000 views on YouTube and the Institute’s social networks.
  • 500 interactions and more than 6,000 accounts reached.


  • It is possible to raise public awareness of mental health in a creative and non-stigmatizing way.
  • Different visual representations can be used to shed light on the mental health cause.
  • Mental health is not only understood from its structural dimensions, emphasizing the individual aspects of the discussion. 


Watch the video Mental Health is Everyone’s Business

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